Last updated: February 2022

General Rules

1. It is only one account per person and computer allowed. If more than one person would like to play on the same computer he should contact the staff team.

2. Sharing and selling accounts to other persons is not allowed.

3. You may not bypass game-mechanics, cheat, hack or use bugs. Bugs are to be reported to the Staff team.

4. The use of mods is at own risk. Mods that interact or influence the gameplay in any way are not allowed.

5. The use of macros item enchanting and gambling is at own risk. Any other use of macros is not allowed.

6. Any kind of derogatory, racist, right-wing, sexist or vulgar comments are not allowed on any Galaxy Gears relevant platforms and can cause consequences. The same applies to gear-names.

7. The only allowed language allowed in Leader Chat, War Chat, Trade Chat and Cross Nation Chat is English.

8. Trade offers are only allowed in the Trade Chat.

9. It is not allowed to log in a gear of the opposite nation during an event (e.g. attacking the base war core) in order to gain an unfair advantage.

10. Crossfeeding will result in a fame reset and a potential ban of one or both gears.

11. It is not allowed to impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of Galaxy Gears.

12. It is forbidden to advertise in any way on all Galaxy Gears relevant platforms.

13. The orders from staff-members needs to be followed.

14. Charging back a donation with the intention of getting "free GGP" will get you banned, so be sure to consult with the Galaxy Gears Staff team first.

15. To beg on a staff-member for advantages or discounts can take consequences of it.

16. If there is doubt whether a rule is broken: The staff-member have the final decision.

17. These rules can be changed. Changes will be announced, but it is the duty of the player to check regularly for changes.

18. With every login to the game or any Galaxy Gears relevant platforms, the user accept these rules and is fully responsible with his accounts for the observance.

19. Trading Items/Accounts or anything else for Real Life currencies is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

If you break any of these rules your account may be punished! Including but not limited to: ingame/discord mutes, temporal suspension, permanent suspension. We reserve the right to determine the severity of the punishment ourselves.